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Star Wars RPG

The following page details the Star Wars campaign that I ran several years ago, using West End Games Star Wars RPG. West End Games managed to capture the spirit of the movies in a way that the prequels never did. The D6 system was fast, fluid, and largely worked in a way that allowed new players to participate without deluging them with rules or fluff. I was less of a fan of the 2nd edition of the Star Wars RPG though – it seemed overly complicated. My thoughts are that it was tweaked to be brought into line with TORG and what would become the Masterbook ruleset.

I’ve yet to run a Star Wars RPG Saga game, although I was playing in the Dawn of Defiance campaign – my PC is a Squib Jedi: Abebareebavabadee, AKA Abe. And yes, he is something of a comic relief character! By the way, the Saga edition books are worth huge amounts on eBay, so you may be sitting on a gold mine.

Although originally published around 20 years ago, a lot of the D6 Star Wars RPG modules are very runnable. It’s interesting to note that when Timothy Zahn wrote the Heir to the Empire trilogy, Lucasfilm sent him West End Games supplements as source material. Not only do they have a strong cinematic feel, they often have a number of ways to get players working as a group with some simple tools like the Character Templates (some of which you can download below) and the script that each Player takes a role in reading, plus some adventure summaries for the original RPG.

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Star Wars RPG Downloads & Links

Star Wars d6 Templates

The D6 Star Wars Character templates from West End Games 1st Edition Star Wars RPG.

Star Wars: Fyn Nefor – Human Scoundrel

An early Star Wars Saga PC, very much in a secret agent style. I thought of him as “go to” guy, a sort of information broker.

Star Wars: Adventure Summaries

Adventure summaries for the 1st edition of West End Games Star Wars RPG.