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I’m Bill Heron, and I’ve been an RPG player and GM (Games Master or Moderator) for over 30 years although I spend most of my time GMing these days. is a site dedicated to pen’n’paper roleplaying games (RPGs). It also has a page dedicated to Gaming in the city of Edinburgh where I live. That particular page is useful if you’ve just arrived or are visiting Edinburgh. As well as Edinburgh’s various games shops and gaming clubs, it also cites a few societies and places to visit that may be of interest.

I’m proper games writer and author too! I’m not a gaming “celebrity” as such, just someone who has been running RPGs for a long time! I’m not too much of a designer although I do tend to favour simpler player-driven games. I can craft a well-constructed storyline and world. I’ve worked extensively on the 3rd ed. Mutant Chronicles diesel-punk setting, the RPG for Corvus Belli’s Infinity, and I continue to work on the Achtung! Cthulhu WW2 setting. If you want to contact me, feel free using the Contact Me link. My professional website and portfolio are found over at 

This site was originally nothing more than a site for material relating to my Mandragora race, created for the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) tabletop RPG. Information on the setting can be downloaded from the Downloads page. They’re an alternative to the Dragonborn race in 4th Edition D&D onwards.

Since these pages were initially setup I’ve added a number of new pages to cover various games that I run (or have run), as you can see from the menu. I have been running RPGs on-and-off for over thirty years now.

Among my favourites to run is the original Star Wars RPG from West End Games, as well as Lovecraftian horror games (Call of Cthulhu, The Void, CthulhuTech). I’d been thinking of trying to develop some of the Cthulhutech setting into the Battletech rules for some time now. I’ll get around to it at some point, I reckon.

Hopefully you’ll find some of the little nuggets of info and downloads on the site useful. Check out my blog to find out about the stuff I do or run.

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