2019 – Looking Forward, Not Back

In the past I’ve looked back on the previous year’s events, and made a few observations about the previous year, etc.

I’m not doing so much of that this time: I’ve been pretty busy over the last few months, and haven’t really had much time to game – as a GM or player. I have finally managed to get a game of Runequest. It only took me 30 years… I saw the ad in White Dwarf 93, but went for AD&D in the long run.

I did start another 5e edition D&D RPG group with 8 players in November – it’s a close-ended game due to finish this month. They’re a good group, and I hope they continue to play together. If they do, my work is done. It’s something I’ve begun to do more over the last few years. It’s difficult for me to commit to a regular session now with work these days.

In the past year I’ve done a lot. I indexed a number of Star Trek Adventures supplements. I’ve written/worked for the following Infinity RPG products to be published soon (if they’re not already out!): Gamemaster’s Guide, Shadow Affairs Campaign, Paradiso sourcebook, and the Combined Army sourcebook. I’m currently working on a new Infinity campaign too.

As well as working on the new 2d20 version of Achtung! Cthulhu core rulebook, the Achtung! Cthulhu Keeper’s Guide and Investigator’s Guide were converted to 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu by myself. I’ve been researching the forests of the Ardennes and Battle of the Bulge for the forthcoming Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 campaign.

In a very real way, the work I’ve done over the last couple of years has lead me to focus far more on the writing and editing/proofing. As a result, I’ve become a little more hard-nosed regarding my time outside of work. Freelance projects occupy much of my time at the weekend. It’s the sort of thing you can’t do in a 9-5 workday! I’ve also had to tough in the projects I can take on. I’m looking forward to clearing the decks for March. I’m away to poor Australia for almost the whole of February. We’re doing the grand tour of the cities – I hope the fires are out by then. The last few months have made me take some time away from social media. That’s unlikely to change until March!

The ORC Edinburgh pub meets restarted, and initially we had 12-20 people turning up although it petered off in the last session at the end of the year. So many people were looking for D&D games, and the opening of the Geek Retreat in Nicolson square has filled that niche. Loads more games going on at ORC still! the Ark Games night appears to be going strong along with the D&D nights at Mox in the Hole. ELG bounced back at Red Dice Games. And Blackwells on the bridges now do a monthly board games night where I hope to run some more D&D there later this year.

And finally… something I’ve been discussing for a while is bringing the RP Haven to Scotland. they’ve had a great year down South and are keen for me to help begin their journey north. Edinburgh will just be the start. This will not challenge any of the existing clubs or retailers. In fact it’s likely to complement retailers and give them free advertising. I’m slightly nervous about it, with other people’s money involved. At least i’m not doing it on my own! Sign up for the updates here: https://mailchi.mp/23690cd7dd43/rphaven

Published by Bill Heron

Wannabe game designer and would-be author. I've been playing RPGs for over 25 years and have recently started creating my own RPG called Mandragora: Ashes of Freedom. I also run a number of RPGs: Cthulhutech, Call of Cthulhu, WFRP, and D&D. I'm active in the Edinburgh RPG community at http://orcedinburgh.co.uk and regularly play RPGs.