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Bill’s Clearout Bonanaza 2018

UPDATE: EVERYTHING HAS NOW SOLD!!! RPGs sold out in an hour on FaceBook’s Board Games & Roleplaying Games Buy & Sell UK & EU ONLY!

OK folks here’s the list of RPGs and novels I’m trying to get rid of. Half of the proceeds of any sales will be gift-aided to Cancer Research UK. You’ll note there’s no prices – I’d rather people sent me a PM with their offers (as in, pay what you think it’s worth), and don’t want to break up these bundles. If I have to post items, I’ll need to charge postage of course.


  • Davis, Lindsey – Falco series vol.1-7 – Roman detective series in time of Vespasian.
  • Eddings, David – The Tamuli (Omnibus) + Redemption of Athalus, + The Elenium vol.1-3 (complete series) + Polgara the Sorceress + Belgarath the Sorceror.
  • Foster, Alan Dean –  Spellsinger vol.1-7 (complete series) + Cachalot + The End of the Matter
  • Fritz Leiber/Jack Vance – Fantasy Masterworks Omnibus: vol.4 Tales of the Dying Earth (Vance) + vol.18 First book of Lankhmar (Leiber) + vol.24 Second book of Lankhmar (Leiber)
  • Moorcock, Michael – The Eternal Champion vol.8: Elric of Melnibone + The Eternal Champion vol.12: Stormbringer
  • Pratchett, Terry – Discworld series vol.1-33 (complete series) + Good Omens + Eric + Wee Free Men
  • Salvatore, RA – Hunter’s Blades Trilogy vol1.3 (complete series) +  Cleric Quintet Omnibus +Dark Elf Trilogy Omnibus + Legacy of the Drow Omnibus +Icewind Dale Trilogy Omnibus + Paths of Darkness Omnibus
  • Salvatore, RA, et al. – War of the Spider Queen vol.1-6 (complete series).
  • Weeks, Brent – Night Angel Trilogy vol.1-3 (complete series).
  • Weis & Hickman – Darksword Trilogy vol.1-3 (complete series) + Darksword Adventures.