Collecting RPGs and other gaming paraphenalia

Collecting RPGs

For a few years now I’ve been selling (and buying) items on eBay, the internet auction site – mainly RPG materials, although I have sold a number of comics and other items. Visit the about me page on ebay for details of my current auctions, if any. The tables below list previous auctions (of comics, software, and RPG materials) that I’ve held in the past, together with their final price. This is a very basic guide to collecting RPGs.

If you’re collecting RPGs for the first time or selling RPG stuff, be careful of who you deal with. There are a number of individuals who will rip you off given the opportunity (I can think of one individual in particular – he is mentioned fairly frequently on the Acaeum site). Bear the following in mind:

  • Anyone with negative feedback? Check what the issue was.
  • If the item is actually a PDF or knock-off, alert both eBay and the copyright owner. Piracy harms the games industry.
  • Always ask questions about an item if you’re unsure.
  • Make sure that an item is not part of a set. Some sellers break up collections, e.g. gift sets or bundles. Collecting RPGs like a series of modules can sometime be very frustrating!
  • Query anything listed as “mint” – if it is, it should still be in the original packaging such as shrink-wrap.
  • Check that any extra materials, such as maps are present, and that they are originals, not copies. As a seller, make sure that you list any missing parts.
  • Check postage costs – some sellers will charge you a fortune. If you’re selling, make sure that you check how much it costs to send items overseas.
  • Don’t pay over the odds – some buyers act crazy when items like the Bloodstone modules turn up. They’re not worth more than £10-£20 if listed as used!
  • As a seller, be honest about any defects or damage.

There’s more advice on the Acaeum site, which also lists market value of popular D&D items. Please be aware that I’m not an expert – don’t ask me the market price for items. I only buy stuff on ebay occasionally these days. Anyway: on with the list.


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) 1st Edition

Item (including condition) Auction Price
AD&D (1st edition rulebooks)£16.91
AD&D Dragonlance & supplements and modules£60.00
AD&D Ravenloft (I6) / The House on Gryphon Hill£12.05
AD&D: 4 UK series adventure modules£17.76
All that Glitters Adventure (UK6)£2.00
Battlesystem Miniatures Rules (AD&D) (9266)£2.40
Beyond the Crystal Cave Adventure (UK1)£3.00
Danger at Dunwater AD&D Dungeon Module (U2)£3.71
Deities & Demigods AD&D (worn)£14.05
Deities & Demigods AD&D£16.00
Dragons of Glory£19.00
Dwellers of the Forbidden City Dungeon Module (I1)£7.08
Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Dungeon Module S3£5.50
Fiend Folio£13.50
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting hardback book£15.00
Forgotten Realms: 5 Supplements (FR & FRE series)£5.50
Greyhawk A Series AD&D 4 Adventures£12.50
Greyhawk Adventures hardback£6.00
Greyhawk C Series 3 Adventures£8.50
Greyhawk D Series Adventures£4.70
Greyhawk job lot (inc. very rare items)£88.25
Greyhawk S Series 4 Adventures£7.50
Greyhawk S Series 4 Adventures -WORN£5.50
Midnight on Dagger Alley Magic Viewer Module (MV1)£2.21
Oriental Adventures (1st Ed AD&D)£11.00
Queen of the Demonweb Pits AD&D Dungeon Module (Q1)£8.50
Ravenloft Module (I6) for AD&D RARE!£6.50
Ruins of Adventure FORGOTTEN REALMS AD&D (9238)£5.50
Scourge of the Slavelords/Queen of the Spiders Adventure£42.00
The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun GREYHAWK AD&D WG4£3.20
The Secret of Bone Hill AD&D Dungeon Module (L1) GC£5.50
The Sword of the Dales FORGOTTEN REALMS AD&D (9484)£3.00
The Throne of Bloodstone FORGOTTEN REALMS Adventure£4.00
The Village of Hommlet GREYHAWK Adventure (T1)£1.00
Tomb of Horrors AD&D Dungeon Module (S1)£3.00
Under Illefarn FORGOTTEN REALMS AD&D (N5 9212)£3.00

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) 2nd Edition

Item (including condition) Auction Price
AD&D 2nd Edition – DMG, PHB£51.00
AD&D Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guide PB VGC£5.50
AD&D Dark Sun: City by the Silt Sea (TSR)£12.00
AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide, screen, PHB & Tome of Magic£9.00
AD&D Players Option Books & PHB (6 books)£37.00
Castles Forlorn boxed set for AD&D RAVENLOFT£4.00
Celts Campaign Sourcebook AD&D (HR3 9376)£6.50
Core Rules 2, Expansion, Dragon Archive (Original) CD-ROMS£41.00
Dark of the Moon Adventure for RAVENLOFT£8.07
Draconomicon (FOR1)£4.00
Dragon Mountain boxed set adventure (AD&D)£18.28
Dungeon Master’s Guide (2nd Edition)£4.00
Dungeon Master’s Guide, screen, PHB, Monstrous Manual£9.00
Feast of Goblyns adventure for AD&D RAVENLOFT£2.00
From the Ashes AD&D Greyhawk BOXED SET VGC£62.00
Glory of Rome Campaign Sourcebook AD&D (HR3 9376)£4.00
Hour of the Knife adventure for AD&D RAVENLOFT£2.50
House on Gryphon Hill (I10) Ravenloft 2 Module for AD&D£4.20
Howls in the Night Adventure for AD&D RAVENLOFT£4.00
Islands of Terror Supplement for AD&D RAVENLOFT£2.00
Lankhmar City of Adventure AD&D (9162)£4.00
Menzoberranzan (AD&D Boxed Set) / Drow of the Underdark£42.50
Monstrous Compendium Appendices AD&D: 7 appendices£36.20
Planescape TSR Boxed Set£40.00
Spelljammer Boxed set + supplements£50.00
Spelljammer: War Captain’s Companion Boxed set (AD&D)£31.51
The Falcon Trilogy (3 ADD Greyhawk adventures£25.01
The Marklands: Greyhawk Adventures Supplement PB£7.70
Vecna Lives Adventure PB VGC£14.50

Comics & Magazines

Item (including condition) Auction Price
Doctor Strange (Marvel Comics)£10.00
Ghost Rider/Spirits of Vengeance (Marvel)£15.00
Marvel Comics: VENOM &; NIGHTWATCH (31 comics) RARE£12.00
Spiderman (inc Daredevil and Shroud) comics£8.00
Star Wars: Dark Empire II comics£10.49
Dragon and Polyhedron magazines TSR RPG AD&D and D&D£10.00

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) 1st Edition

Item (including condition) Auction Price
Dungeon & Dragons Sets, 10 Modules/Supplements/Adventures£23.00
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set + Module Series B1-6£19.50
Dungeons & Dragons Boxed Sets (UK 1st ed.)£53.00
Dungeons & Dragons Classic Modules (X & B Series)£15.00
Dungeons & Dragons: 3 classic Modules (B Series)£9.00

Dungeon & Dragons (D&D) 3rd Edition/3.5

Item (including condition) Auction Price
Book of Vile Darkness (Hardback, MINT condition)£7.50
City of the Spider Queen adventure£10.56
D20 Modern (hardback, NEAR-MINT)£17.98
Magic Of Faerun (softback, MINT): Forgotten Realms£10.00
Manual of the Planes£10.00
Psionics Handbook£18.32
Races Of Faerun (hardback, MINT): Forgotten Realms£13.96
Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil Adventure (PB)£25.00
Savage Species£6.50


Item (including condition) Auction Price
Legends of Skyfall: David Tant£8.50
Lone Wolf/Grey Star lot (Dever/Page)£51.01
Titan: the Fighting Fantasy World & Out of the Pit book£7.00


Item (including condition) Auction Price
Squat WH40K Army (Citadel Miniatures)£108.51

Other RPGs

Item (including condition) Auction Price
Boot Hill RPG (1979)£19.00
Delta Green Call of Cthulhu Supplement & Alien Intelligence£70.50
FUDGE 1st Edition£4.10
GURPS Basic Set£6.00
Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn (boxed set)£5.50
Traveller RPG Rules (2nd Ed, GDW)£40.00
Vampire: The Masquerade (White Wolf) RPG HB 2nd ed£9.50
Werewolf: The Apocalypse (White Wolf) RPG HB 2nd ed£8.65
World of Necroscope RPG & Supplements£62.65


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