Happy New Year 2011

Note: those of you who remember or have seen Babylon 5 will (hopefully) recognise this sort of summary; a sort of foreshadowing.

It was the dying gasps of 2010: a month had hung on too long for everyone. The chaos of the big freeze has left us cold, leaving us all bad-tempered and charity was in short supply. In EH7 people are celebrating, but it doesn’t feel like their hearts are in it.

The Public sector purge had begun, but I’m pretty certain that no one is going to pay much attention till it hits them in their own wallet.

The Cult of Celebrity gained a few more adherents – I don’t even know who Stacey Solomon is, yet she’s a celebrity? I wish that this whole pathetic grasping need to be recognised would die a death: Big Brother, you had your time, just… move on.

As for me? Well, I’m around for a while yet. I’m still running the ORC site and themandragora.com and will be for a while yet!

One thing I’ve learnt in the last year: it is far too easy to judge (or be judged by) your friends by proximity. Life moves on. I’ve been friends with a lot of old school mates, but there’s only a few that I recognise as true friends: I’m 37 (not that it makes a difference), and many of my contemporaries have families. Family comes first (direct or otherwise). Remember that, understand it, and appreciate it.

Published by Bill Heron

Wannabe game designer and would-be author. I've been playing RPGs for over 25 years and have recently started creating my own RPG called Mandragora: Ashes of Freedom. I also run a number of RPGs: Cthulhutech, Call of Cthulhu, WFRP, and D&D. I'm active in the Edinburgh RPG community at http://orcedinburgh.co.uk and regularly play RPGs.