New Edinburgh RPG Club – thoughts

This is cobbled together from thoughts on Twitter and Facebook. It regards a new Edinburgh RPG Club. It’s something I’ve been considering for some time. While ORC Edinburgh is a community, it’s not a club. We have no fixed abode/venue. Having a regular RPG club venue and day removes at least two setup unknowns: “when” and “where”. It leaves “what (game)?” and “who (wants to play)?”

I’d like to create a branch of in Edinburgh as well, a new Edinburgh RPG club. The stumbling blocks are securing the necessary numbers of both GMs and players and an (affordable) venue. I’m not looking to “poach” (or steal) players and GMs from other venues or communities. Also not looking to be in competition with existing groups and Edinburgh RPG clubs.

I’m looking at getting over 60 people or more involved. It’d involve the formation of a committee. For financial oversight especially! This is due to the Edinburgh Club being part of a Community Interest Company (CIC).

The venue is undecided – it will depend on the numbers involved. A larger number of participants requires larger venues (for safety reasons not just space). Currently 4 tables of 6 is a minimum to ensure a decent baseline attendance. Plus a variety of RPGs to be played. One-off games as well as campaign RPGs. I’ve already approached the Pathfinder Society and D&D Adventurers League.

Launching in Summer 2020, the actual weekday remains to be determined. I’m currently speaking to stores and clubs regarding clashes during the week.

For me (and the Edinburgh RPG club), an established structure allows greater negotiating ability regarding venues. Plus oversight if needed – financial (or otherwise), and liability insurance. Also a continuance of the club’s existence in the event something untoward happens.

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