ORC Edinburgh – I am your master now

I think the bus driver must have hit every single pothole in the road between Penicuik and Leith on the way home tonight. Or the suspension on the bus had gone. Either way, it was a bumpy hour-long journey!

It looks like the Edinburgh RPG scene’s main event Conpulsion will be on the 26-28th March, and they’re looking for GMs. It will be organised by GEAS, the Edinburgh University RPG club as usual. I’ve not been to one yet, as I always seem to be busy in the day it is on – which I’m kind of surprised at really!

It looks like I’ll also be taking ownership of the ORC Edinburgh website soon as well, although the current owner and I are still to agree the handover point. I’m not making any major changes for a while, until I can see what’s the best to carry things forward – and I want to find out what the best forum to use will be, as that’s where most of the activity takes place. I may need to take some sounding from the community too – I’m a little worried it’s going into decline… For those of you unfamiliar with ORC (Edinburgh’s Open Roleplaying Community), it is the only large-scale non-university RPG club in Edinburgh. Although we meet and play regularly on Saturday afternoons at the Meadow Bar, the site also enables gamers to meet up for RPG sessions on other days. Ergo: it’s less of a club, more a community.

ORC Edinburgh Logo
ORC Edinburgh Logo

Monday night seems to be a good night for TV! Sherlock Holmes, Law & Order: UK (which is damn good – Bradley Walsh? Who would have thought he would make such a good actor!?), and then Sanctuary. With a roast dinner as well, it’s a good night 🙂

I’m in the process of creating the next Ashes of Freedom adventure, and there’s a few nasty spells working their way into the next session. Hehehe.

I’ve also created another new guide:  Writing a script, from a presentation I did in college. Like a lot of stuff from that era, I think it looks a bit crap compared to what I know now! It takes me back a way though, when I wanted to get into a course in Bournemouth University that taught scriptwriting. Looking back now, I think I’m glad I chose a different career – I don’t think I would have stuck the course. I’ve never been that great at studying – in fact I hate it! – and prefer to learn by doing!

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