Road to Hell: Creating Arunstoun

This early sunrise malarkey is really messing up my sleep patterns: I keep waking up at 5am. As a side effect, I appear to be having very vivid dreams: I’ve had some great ideas for a new location for Cthulhutech and Call of Cthulhu, as well as a short story or two. It’s a fictional place called Arunstoun, up in the Pentland Hills beyond Balerno – a bit like Ramsey Campbell’s town of Goatswood. I can have some major fun with the area, as I know it fairly well – if you’ve travelled the A70 from Edinburgh to Lanark, you’ll know what the countryside is like along the “Lang Whang” (I’m sure some twit will have sniggersome comment about the Lang Whang). Arunstoun came into being after a particularly vivid and weird dream.

Last Saturday, I ran Black Ice, a D6 Star Wars adventure on Saturday at ORC. Wasn’t my best session, but I think we all had fun playing it. The ORC birthday bash was pretty good fun. I’m wondering if I should make the “Horde” a regular anniversary! Not a huge lot of folk turned up but we all enjoyed ourselves immensely at the Bongo Club then the Banshee Labyrinth. I think it is definitely something we should do more often – although without the dancing. I started off a bit of trend with the pole-dancing in the Banshee Labyrinth later: those involved, you know who you are!

I’ve got a lot of interest in Against the Odds, my 4th Edition D&D game setting, and although ORC is not at the Meadow Bar during August, I’m going to use the time to plan this campaign out and fill in some of the blanks in the wiki area for Ashes of Freedom.

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