Sanity checks ahoy

I got the new Masks of Nyarlathotep today. Only just had a brief chance to skim through it, but it really is an epic. If I did have one criticism, it’s this: there’s not enough art. Older copies had amazing colour plates, but they’re black and white in this edition, and the remaining art is of middling quality. I’ve considered getting the Companion for it too, but now that I’ve seen the contents for that I’m not so sure.

I’ve run Call of Cthulhu before, but never as a campaign so it will be something of a new experience for me. At least good old Byahkee is still around, so I can use that for characters. There’s quite a lot of handouts as well for it, so I’m going to need some form of “evidence locker”. I’m thinking of maybe finding an old-style manilla folder or storage box for this purpose. It might help to evoke a proper atmosphere – although I’ll likely be running this at ORC in the Meadow Bar pub. Well, don’t all RPGs start in the pub (or at least an inn)? 🙂

The end of the month sees my completion of the Cthulhutech mini campaign, “When the Ocean Wept” for my Through the Looking Glass setting. I’ve been finding it difficult to sit down and finish it. Kanly and Donalds, the two detectives in the first bit of CT fiction I wrote, “Under a heavy rain“, appear in a new piece of fiction I’m writing called “Corporate Ties”. It bridges the link between my Tager game and the mecha game this month. However I’m struggling a bit to finish it – I’ve got the plot and characters sorted, but just can’t seem to translate it into published form.

The Kindle is working really well – especially when I’m on the bus. I’m currently just getting into the Dresden files, and I’m about halfway through Storm Front. As first novels go, it’s pretty good and decently plotted. I found it quite amusing that one of the Amazon reviewers accuses Butcher of being a Luddite and bashing technology – he’s a computer support technician!

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