D20 Rules for the Mandragora

D20 Rules for the Mandragora541 DownloadsAn Adobe Acrobat PDF containing an Open Gaming Licence for D20 RPGs. The PDF provides details of the Mandragora races. Download Now!

AD&D Duralyth PCs

AD&D Duralyth PCs381 DownloadsA selection of AD&D PCs from my original Duralyth Campaign setting. Most are level 9. Download Now!

Map of Lonaraban (Campaign Cartographer)

Map of Lonaraban (Campaign Cartographer)507 DownloadsMap of Lonaraban (Campaign Cartographer). An FCW file that maps the whole island. Not as detailed as I would like but it will change when I have more time. Campaign Cartographer provides a free viewer for FCW files at http://www.profantasy.com Download Now!

Mandragora series – Setting

Mandragora series – Setting477 DownloadsThis is a PDF collecting the former pages on this site. It details the entire setting (as is), including politics, geography, and a little history. It is not up to date, and some of the information may have changed. Download Now!

Mandragora Name Generator

Mandragora Name Generator546 DownloadsPDF file with a chart for generating random names for Mandragora. Download Now!