Mandragora: Shadows Lengthen PBM

Mandragora: Shadows Lengthen PBM511 DownloadsFrom the original play-by-mail game I ran a few years ago, this is the PDF rulebook – some concepts from this would be used in the RPG I’d planned. Not to be confused with the Ties of Blood. Download Now!

D20 Rules for the Mandragora

D20 Rules for the Mandragora553 DownloadsAn Adobe Acrobat PDF containing an Open Gaming Licence for D20 RPGs. The PDF provides details of the Mandragora races. Download Now!

Adventure Site Guide

Adventure Site Guide1444 DownloadsThis revised document provides a brief description about each site on the map of Volkrania, the Ashes of Freedom setting. Download Now!

Rules for playing a Mandragor as a PC (AD&D)

Rules for playing a Mandragor as a PC (AD&D)558 DownloadsFor use with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition. It allows you to create Mandragora PCs of any kind. It is also compatible with the 2nd Edition Skills & Powers book. Download Now!

Ties of Blood PBM Game Manual

Ties of Blood PBM Game Manual831 DownloadsPDF Game Manual for the playtest of Ties of Blood, a PBM game. Download Now!