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Ashes of Freedom

D&D Campaign setting

Volkrania. A land of towering mountains, deep forests, ice-cold lakes, and windswept coasts.

There’s plenty of excitement to be found here. Ancient ruins beckon. The Remnant plot and scheme. Orcs and their kin harry civilisation from the… Continue reading

Against the Odds

Against The Odds: A Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed. Setting

The merciless sun pounds upon your back like a hammer. Despite the heat, you move quickly to avoid the stinging lash of the overseer’s whip on your sunburnt skin. The… Continue reading

D&D Version Wars: A Prequel

Got an interesting email (quoted as is) the other day about AD&D (the old Advanced Dungeons & Dragons), but the most pertinent section is:

So here is my first question..What happened? why did TSR etc feel the need to… Continue reading