The Art Stop: A New Edinburgh Art & Games Workshop Hobby Stockist

As well as the other hobby stockists, and places like the Games Hub, and 6s2Hit I try and keep my Edinburgh Gaming page up to date with stuff that might be of interest to Edinburgh Gamers. So I was bit surprised when I received an email from Games Workshop’s Trade Developer for Scotland and the North of England!

My name is Yan Zacks and I am the Trade Developer for Scotland and the North of England.

I am e-mailing you to ask if you could help me assist a new Stockist in the area.

They have recently taken on the products and are looking to get in contact with local clubs and hobbyists as they are eager to talk about what they could do to help them out.

They would like people to know they have the products (of course) but they are an Art Shop as well and could provide a number of other items that Hobbyists would find useful.

I understand from reading through your site pages that you have put modelling and hobby stores up before and would ask if you would mind circulating these details to your followers, it would help a local independent business and be greatly appreciated.

The store details are:  The Art Stop, 30 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH8 9DD. Tel: 0131 667 1 075

Thank you for your time and if you have any feedback it would be most appreciated.

In case you are wondering, it’s right next door to the local gamer-friendly pub venues of the Pear Tree and Blind Poet – see the map here (the former Partymania shop). It’s not every day I get an email asking for my help, and I’m always happy to help local businesses and the community.

Published by Bill Heron

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