The Secret Fire Ignites!

The Secret Fire RPG is off to GENCON!

While I can’t make it to the world’s biggest gaming convention, George Strayton and Secret Fire Games are going to be there! I’m feeling rather chuffed with myself at getting so much done for the game along with the others at SFG. I guess I really am a RPG Developer now. If you pick up the book, see if you can guess which parts are mine 🙂 – there’s more about The Secret Fire RPG (TSF) on the website). George Strayton, the TSF creator is also going to be a Guest of Honor at Gencon too.

There’s a number of TSF games running (I’m paraphrasing directly from the Secret Fire website).

All events will feature terrain by LR Hobbies (also known as Legendary Realms Terrain). You don’t have to play in every session; you can play in as few or as many as you wish.

All events take place at the J.W. Marriott, Room 205, Table 6 and you can register through GenCon or bring generic tickets.  All events at the past two conventions have sold out on the first night out of 5 days of gaming, so we suggest you make your plans accordingly. Looking forward to seeing you there!

If you pick up a copy of the book, find GenCon Guest of Honor and creator of THE SECRET FIRE George Strayton while you’re at the con and he’ll be happy to sign it!

RPG1128993 Thursday 9 am

Part 1 of this 6-Part event features the adventurers entering the Dungeons and encountering strange and bizarre environments, riddles, and monsters. Can you survive?

RPG1128994 Thursday 2 pm

In Part 2 of this 6-Part event, the PCs venture into the lair of the Mummy Lord to retrieve the Canopic jars? Will you flee, parley, or risk your life in battle?

RPG1128995 Thursday 7 pm

Part 3 of this 6-Part event, the PCs enter the twisted halls of the bizarre creatures of the Void. Will you survive the deadly beasts, tricks, and traps or go mad?

RPG1128996 Friday 8 am

In Part 4 of this 6-Part event, featuring full 3D terrain, the PCs enter the lush lair of wild men and nymphs. Can they escape their powerful tricks and spells?

RPG1128997 Saturday 8 pm

In Part 5 of this 6-Part event, with full 3D terrain, the PCs pass through areas of deadly traps, riddles, and monsters to reach Tambor’s treasure trove.

RPG1128998 Sunday 10 am

In the last part of this 6-Part event, with full 3D terrain, the PCs must face the deadliest dragon on earth. Can they escape with at least some of his massive hoard?

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