I ran the first game of WFRP: The Enemy Within campaign last week. I’ve recorded the session and it’s also summarised on the ORC website. Apologies for the audio quality but we kinda got started in a bit of a haphazard fashion. The PCs are:

  • Priscilla, Elven Hunter.
  • Ludo Willikins, Halfling Smuggler.
  • “Hairy” Seib Harlander, Human Outrider.
  • Grom Firebeard, Dwarf Mercenary.
  • Fritz Burgfeld, Human Trader.
  • Johann Koch, Human Squire.

I should probably broadcast a “spoiler alert” at this point, as I’m probably going to give away some of the plot. Or maybe not. The first part of TEWC (The Enemy Within Campaign) is somewhat linear and does show it’s age. It pretty much rail-roads the PCs along a certain route, but I made a few minor tweaks – the PCs didn’t take a coach for example as they had their own cart. I planned to begin the game in Delberz and it worked out well that way. Rather than shoe-horn the players into the campaign I decided to combine it with the “Night of Blood” adventure featured in the Restless Dead campaign. It’s actually worked out rather well: the whole Kastor Lieberung “Mistaken identity”  incident relies upon the players’ somewhat venal attitude, but they didn’t have much time to hang about as the events in “Night of Blood” unfold.

One final tweak I made was that 1D10 is added to both S and T for damage, rather than a D6. This means that it becomes far easier to suffer Critical Hits, but also gives PCs with lower T or W more of a chance. A PC with a T of 1 can now take a S10 hit, if they’re lucky enough to roll high on the D10, likewise those with lower S scores.The various other skills and Fate Points obviously still apply, but a character that Dodge Blows a S10 hit will still be very much be relieved :), especially if a 10 has been rolled for a hit! D10 added to both S and T made for quite a deadly game.

I’ll be providing more details and thoughts upon the Enemy Within Campaign as it runs at ORC Edinburgh.

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