Where have all the GMs gone?

It’s a little ironic that up until recently, the Open Roleplaying Community Edinburgh (http://orcedinburgh.co.uk) suffered from a lack of players and a venue. Now we’ve got plenty of players and venues… and no one to run RPGs 🙁

Seriously. That’s how much it has changed recently: from what used to be lots of people wanting to run their campaigns and one-shots, there’s now a small handful of GMs at ORC (myself included). We’ve got a lot of folk saying they want to play, but hardly anyone wants to run something  (or are already committed to another game).

I know there are folk out there reading this and thinking that ORC only plays D&D: WRONG! I’m running a playtest of Cliché: the Game of Predictable Horror on the 23rd (from Drunken Badger Games, a couple of local RPG designers and friends of mine). Star Wars and Dominion: Tank Police are also running, as well as a number of D&D games (3.5, 4 and customised).

It would be nice to see some old faces coming back as well, even if it is only to play a couple of games. There’s no GM “screening” process, you just need to make sure that you’ve a bunch of folk interested in playing in Edinburgh. You don’t even have to come to Saturday afternoons: use ORC to recruit for your home game if you want (plus you only have to ask me to get your own wiki space for your game).

So if you’re looking for a chance to get back into gaming in Edinburgh and would like to dust off your GM screens, drop me a line (via the Contact Me page or the ORC Website).

Oh and before I forget, ORC are celebrating our birthday tomorrow from 5pm in the Chanter on Bread Street (see here for the map). Expect geekiness, RPG recollections, and much quaffing of ale (but no pole dancing: that was last year!)!

Published by Bill Heron

Wannabe game designer and would-be author. I've been playing RPGs for over 25 years and have recently started creating my own RPG called Mandragora: Ashes of Freedom. I also run a number of RPGs: Cthulhutech, Call of Cthulhu, WFRP, and D&D. I'm active in the Edinburgh RPG community at http://orcedinburgh.co.uk and regularly play RPGs.

8 replies on “Where have all the GMs gone?”

  1. I could run something fortnightly on the off week… but I think if its DnD I’d need a couple more months of 4.0, and DW to finish.. or I could run a no book RT campaign.. Finding books are pretty limiting at times.. I prefer to adlib. Would it help?

  2. RT has been popular recently at ORC – Ross MacKenzie and Adam recently ran games of it. I think quite a few folk would be interested in the Black Crusade when it comes out though!

  3. I have been talking to Will Higgins about us possibly going back to ORC. I know he’s had a game idea in his head for a little while now.

  4. Yeah, yeah – in the past, my blog titles entries were song lyrics. I’m surprised how long it took really 🙂

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